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The Jodhpur Boots Guide: How to Wear Them With Style

June 18, 2022 0
mens jodhpurs boots

Many men who are new to the world of formalwear have no idea how to wear men Jodhpur boots with style, and they often look like they’re wearing riding boots (which, while some may argue that they are, they certainly aren’t the best option). If you want to wear mens Jodhpur boots in a way that looks like you belong at the black tie event you’re attending, then you need to know how to dress them up properly. Here’s our guide on how to wear mens Jodhpurs boots with style.

Fit is key

You can get a mens jodhpurs boots in any size, but just because you have big feet doesn’t mean you should be wearing extra-wide boots. Feet swell and contract naturally during the day, so fit is especially important for boots. Make sure your boots are snug when you put them on, as well as after wearing them all day. When standing up straight with your weight evenly distributed between both feet, your toes should touch—but not strain against—the front of your boot. If they don’t feel right before wearing, they certainly won’t once they’re laced up tight.

Finding Your Perfect Shade

You’ve just pulled your brand-new pair of jodhpurs out of their box, and you can’t wait to try them on. But before you do, be sure you've picked out a color that will look good with your skin tone and hair color. If your outfit is too light or dark for your skin tone, it's going to stand out (and not in a good way). The easiest way to tell if a shade will look good on you is by looking at its undertones. Are they pinkish? Yellowish? Orangish? Greenish? Each undertone can compliment some skintones better than others—and one undertone may even work for multiple skintones!

Caring For Your Boots

If you’re a proud owner of jodhpurs, it’s important that you take care of them so they can provide you with many years of wear. If these boots are your only pair, make sure they get a good amount of TLC. This is especially true if they are already distressed in any way. When caring for your jodhpurs, you have two options: spot cleaning or full on cleaning with water and soap. Depending on how dirty your shoes are, you may need something stronger than soap; try using baking soda to eliminate odor and create freshness. Start by blotting any dirt away from your shoes before using either method, but never rub as it will remove color and cause fading/peeling/flaking.

Pairing your boots with dresses

A lot of women will wear their Jodhpur boots with jeans, because that’s what they’re comfortable in. However, it can be more fun (and flattering) to try out different styles and see what looks best. If you have a pair of boots with shafts, why not pair them with a cute dress? You can also try out different styles and lengths of dresses as well. Heels and flats are both great options for wearing with your riding boots. When it comes to flat sandals or flip flops, consider whether you want to show off your boots or give them some privacy. You might like that your feet are covered when wearing chunky heels or sandals but feel more comfortable showing off your ankle booties.

Matching your boots with jeans, shorts, and trousers

A pair of boots goes a long way in determining an outfit's overall look. When shopping for them, it’s important to first determine whether you want calf- or ankle-high boots. They both have their own pros and cons, with ankle boots giving your legs more shape and making it easier to get dressed when wearing shorts. However, they can sometimes make your legs look shorter than they are. Calf-length ones are generally more formal and can dress up any outfit —making them ideal for formal events—but there is always a slight risk of looking overdressed (especially if you're going out with friends). The length also makes them more versatile; they can be worn both casually with trousers and semi-formally with jeans or pantsuits.

Boot Care Tips

A lot of boots can be worn in all types of weather. But while they protect your feet from rain, sleet and snow, they don’t do much to protect your feet from these elements on days where it doesn’t rain or snow! So, how do you keep your boots looking new? Read on for some great tips on how to properly care for your favorite pair of boots.


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