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Is the Lacoste T Shirts Worth It?

June 18, 2022 0
lacoste t shirts

The Lacoste brand has gained world renown, and it’s not just because of their colorful polo shirts. The Lacoste Polo brand has also been known for its signature crocodile logo on the chest of its shirts. The shirt itself has become a staple in men’s fashion, but does the brand deserve its premium price tag? This guide will help you answer that question once and for all so you can decide if your money will be well spent if you purchase this t-shirt.

The Lacoste Brand

The cost of a Lacoste T shirts often prevents most people from ever trying it on. The brand has such a high price point that many just assume that their polos won’t be comfortable, durable or simply look like a rag on them. The brand does have its fair share of loyalists though, and if you can afford to get yourself a quality garment then your opinion of their products might just change. Like many fashion brands today, they also manufacture lots of different sizes and cuts which is great for those looking for lacoste big and tall apparel as well as men’s lacoste t-shirts. Before you start spending your hard earned cash though, make sure you know what it is you are actually buying into!

The History of the Lacoste T-Shirt

For an incredible 86 years, Lacoste has been delighting fashion enthusiasts and tennis fans with its classic polo shirt. The famous three-color logo is a symbol of French luxury and sophistication. But there’s so much more to it than that. From a glimpse at history, to knowing what size you should get, here are some tips on buying your own authentic lacoste t-shirt.

The Basic Components of a Lacoste T Shirts

In order to be considered an authentic, long-sleeved polo from Lacoste, a t shirt must have a screen-printed crocodile on its left chest and should be made from 100% cotton. Long sleeves with button cuffs are basic, but some versions of it may have sleeves with stitching around their edges as well as ribbed wrist cuffs. The most basic part of any lacoste long sleeve polo is that it must be solid in color without any design or pattern. Therefore, anything printed onto these shirts are considered additional features such as stripes and logos. For example, their blue ribbon logo is a common feature found on many long sleeve lacostes but not all of them.

Maintenance Tips and Warranty Information

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you wear and care for your polo in a way that honors its durability and reputation. Washing it at a high temperature, overpacking it in your luggage, or wearing it while you’re sweating profusely can all take their toll on the shirt. And because Lacoste polos are made from polyester, putting them in a dryer could melt their lacoste logo. Instead, dry your shirts flat whenever possible. And as far as washing goes, stick to cold water and avoid adding fabric softener of any kind if you can—Lacoste recommends avoiding these additives so that its shirts maintain their signature feel and shape.

How Does This Compare to Other T Shirts on the Market?

For a shirt that sells for between $60 and $80, one would expect a high-quality cotton t-shirt. Other high-end brands like Brooks Brothers offer comparable t-shirts (which are made in Peru and Mexico) for $45. If you’re looking for something made in America, however, you can find reasonably priced shirts at American Apparel ($9) or Hanes ($10). When it comes to fit, both Hanes and Lacoste have an XS to XL range; but comparing these with Brooks Brothers’ sizes will be like trying to compare apples to oranges. Unfortunately for buyers who prefer big and tall t-shirts, there doesn’t seem to be any lacoste big and tall shirts on sale anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Yes, it is. That Lacoste logo has some serious staying power and you'll enjoy wearing it for years to come. There's no doubt about that but there are a few things to consider before making your purchase.


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